J.M Giovine

Cinematographer.. Screenplayer..FX Designer..Writer..Analyst

Todos los libros deberían tener esto.
"No strings attach me anymore"
You and I had some cheatty, nasty fights. When you fought against someone you manage to know it very well. And I came with the conclusion that, I like you, little guy. Cause, in our way, we’re both monsters, buddy.
- Hulk
No! You are wrong! Death must be revered! It must build her shrines!… Yes… Shrines…
- Thanos
Imperial egg
The Invincible Iron Man. 128
Demon in a Bottle
"I dunno what the hell is in there, but its weird and pissed off, whatever it is."
"Perhaps, avenger, but I cannot stop wondering if those powerful nations, that you worry of, had lost already the capacity to appreciate what true matters. Those strange and wonderful treasures called… Dreams."
– Namor.
Invincible Iron Man. 121