J.M Giovine

Cinematographer.. Screenplayer..FX Designer..Writer..Analyst

From my physical copy of Oasis:
I love this baby!
A year old Daredevil sketch that I decided to add a strong red color, to fill it a little bit.
And then the world turned white. The reality that we knew vanishes… And it was replaced by a society in which humans are the oppressed minority and mutants admins culture and rule all countries, religions and politics. A world united by #TheHouseOfM.
My name is Charles Xavier and I’m a mutant. I’ve been looking my entire life the way for humans and mutants to live together, peacefuly and in armony. The hate between these two races had destroyed the nation-island of Genosha, and slaughtered 16 million people. From the ashes of that tragedy I hope to build a new and better world for the children of earth… Before its too late.
- Profesor X
Victor VS Logan in pen.
Sketch and script of JLA.Earth 2, by Grant Morrison.
#Netflix have some seriously fucked up definition of “comedy”
"Las naranjas mecánicas no existen, excepto en el habla de los viejos londinenses. La imagen era extraña, siempre aplicada a cosas extrañas. «Ser mas raro que una naranja mecánica» quiere decir que se es extraño hasta el limite de lo extraño.  Yo la uso para referirme a la aplicación de una moralidad mecánica a un organismo vivo que rebosa de jugo y dulzura.
– Anthony Burgess.
Introducción a La Naranja Mecánica.

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Shut up you unappreciative fiend. Street art is beautiful but, you are entitled to your opinion. I can at least respect that.

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